we invite you to move

Hestia is the world's first nomadic artists' residency.

We provide creative practitioners from all disciplines with fellowships in a diversity of homes across the US.

In each city, our residents are invited into the local arts community, provided mentorship and {placeholder!} 


Artists, transformed by travel, chase inspiration toward new ideas. Hosts act as mentors, providing the nurturing space for creative risk-taking. Communities benefit from site-specific engagements & collaborations. 

At Hestia, we spark connection in unexpected spaces. 

"We invite you to move."

inspiring people, inspiring art through the power of place

who we are

Hestia believes the imagining mind holds no boundaries. Our experiential residencies serve every member of the arts world, pairing artists with hosts & diverse host communities.


Painters & playwrites. Filmmakers & fiction writers. Sound composers, choreographers, sculptors, & curators. Our nomads-in-residence are artists motivated by the unknown. Hestia provides the time & resources for freedom & exploration. Our artists produce work electrically in dialogue with place & its people.


We light the path for: inspiration.


At Hestia, we believe that home spaces buoy our best creative selves. Our hosts are established arts & thought leaders. They offer homeshares as supportive, nurturing spaces for artistic risk-taking. Hosts grow from providing mentorship & a place for belonging to our residents. Cultural partners contribute workspaces, resources, & catalyzing conversation.


We light the path for: transformative relationships.


At the heart of nomadry is community. Hestia partners residents with communities to produce site-specific events, exhibitions, shows, & arts of service. Our programming is designed in collaboration with local artist-mentors & institutions, infused with our residents' novel vision.


We light the path for: authentic connection.



"Hestia is a just-in-time residency service model. This passionate thing, potential thing, confirms that creative practice can happen anywhere at any time. You encourage dreaming about what travel is, what adventure is, what community can be. Hestia is the model for now."


~ Noah Weinstein, Cultural Partner & Founder, Pier 9 @ Autodesk


meet the team

We are Facilitators. Connectors. Guides.

Our vision: a global distributed arts collective.

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With the generous support of our sponsors, we are able to fully host each residency experience.


For believing in our work, for being our partner, for contributing to something bigger - we thank you.

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