Travel. Explore. Stay In Homes. Build Lasting Connections.

We shall not cease from exploration...

Hestia’s annual nomadic residency supports four residents on a two-month, cross-country odyssey.


Spanning six homeshares and the continental US, our residency draws inspiration from the hero’s journey.


From a sculptor's gothic castle in Lexington, Kentucky to an artist’s oasis in San Diego, California, our residents - visual artists and writers; digital storytellers and filmmakers - enjoy back-to-back solo residencies at a diversity of homeshares.


In each locality, homeshare Hosts provide space to live and create. Cultural Partners offer workspace & opportunities for mentorship, fellowship, and public programming.


At the conclusion of their treks, Hestia residents converge on Savannah, Georgia to partake in a one-week collaborative documentation project. Their work comes together across mediums/disciplines under the guidance of our curator-in-residence.


Residents return to their home communities with an Exhibition Grant to mount a solo show in partnership with a local institution.


Through our nomadic residency, we spark connection in unexpected places.


...& the end of all our exploring/Will be to arrive where we started/& know the place for the first time.


February 22nd - March 4th


We invited a writer from Oakland, a musician from Burlington, and a muralist from San Diego to collide in Savannah, Georgia for eleven days of exploration.